Magnus Hagander <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> This patch replaces the pthreads code in ecpg with native win32 threads,
> in order to make it threadsafe. The idea is not to have to download the
> non-standard pthreads library on windows.
> Does it seem like it should be doing the right thing? Does somebody have
> a good test-case where ecpg breaks when not built thread-safe? (which
> would then also break when built thread-safe with a broken implementation)

I have two questions about thread-safe ecpg.

Q1. Don't you use CRITICAL_SECTION instead of Mutex (CreateMutex)?
   I've heard there is a performance benefit in CRITICAL_SECTION.
   If the mutex is shared only in one process, CS might be a better solution.

Q2. Do we need to use PQescapeStringConn() instead of PQescapeString()?
   PQescapeString() is used to escape literals, and the documentation says
   PQescapeStringConn() should be used in multi-threaded client programs.
   | PQescapeString can be used safely in single-threaded client programs
   | that work with only one PostgreSQL connection at a time 

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NTT Open Source Software Center

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