Tom Lane wrote:
Zdenek Kotala <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
Tom Lane wrote:
I certainly don't see the point of the implementation as you have it
--- it adds a great deal of unnecessary infrastructure compared to just
installing a symlink at share/postgresql/timezone.

The point of my solution is that all packagers who interested in use only configure switch instead of playing with link integration. In this case, Packager also must cleanup build-in timezones after make install. This is not only about add one line into spec file.

No, it's two lines (rm -rf, ln -s).  It'll take many more lines than
that to do it in the Postgres configure/build system, even using the
simpler symlink approach.  And quite aside from the code addition, what
of documentation?  How much text will it take to make clear what this
switch is good for and when it's safe to use?

I just don't see the value of supporting this option in our
configuration infrastructure.  Anyone who is competent to determine
whether it's a safe thing to use is more than competent to alter the
installation that way for themselves.

I thought about it and You are right. It is really better to keep solution on packagers, than extend infrastructure and give "machine gun" to everybody :-).

        Thanks for your time


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