Magnus Hagander wrote:
> Tom Lane wrote:
>> Magnus Hagander <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>>> The SEG parameters going into seg_overlap() look perfectly correct, and
>>> seg_overlap() actually returns 0. But this is somehow later turned into
>>> 't'. Any pointers for where to look for how that happens?
>> I'll betcha that MSVC is generating code that only sets the low-order
>> byte of the return register (EAX likely) where GCC tends to set the
>> whole register.  So when the returned value is taken as a Datum, it
>> might contain some garbage.
> That looks very consistent with the data in my debugger (returned value
> is not zero for the whole datum, but casted to bool it's fine).
> I'm just going to clean up a compile error I introduced and try your
> suggestion below, and I'll let you know how it works out.

Yup, that was indeed the problem. I assume you'll do the honors.


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