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Chris Marcellino wrote:
> In case you haven't had enough, here is another version of the code  
> to make Postgres use POSIX shared memory. Along with the issues that  
> have already been addressed, this version ensures that orphaned  
> backends are not in the database when restarting Postgres by using a  
> single 1 byte SysV segment to see who is attached to the segment  
> using shmctl/IPC_STAT/nattach.
> This effectively frees Postgres from the SHMMAX and SHMALL limits.  
> Since this still takes one SysV segment, SHMMNI can still be reached  
> on most platforms if a ton of databases are opened simultaneously  
> (i.e. 32 on Mac OS X, 256 on Linux and Solaris).
> If you have the need to ship a product with Postgres embedded in it  
> and are unable to change kernel settings (like myself), this might be  
> of use to you. I have tested all of the failure situations I could  
> think of by various combinations of deleting lockfiles while in use,  
> changing the PID inside the lockfile and trying to restart and run  
> more than one postmaster simultaneously.
> Of course, this since this requires both POSIX and SysV shared  
> memory, this doesn't increase the portability of Postgres which might  
> make it less appropriate for mass distribution; I thought I would put  
> it out there for any feedback either way.
> Thanks again,
> Chris Marcellino

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