Tom Lane wrote:
Andrew Dunstan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
If you want to review or test the feature, the attached patch can be used as a replacement for the portion that affects parse_coerce.c, and with this it compiles and passes regression. I think it's correct but it should still be OKed by at least one Tom. :-)

> Barring objection from Tom D, I'll start with this version.

OK, I've now had a chance to look at Andrew's update of the patch, which just seems to pass through the new arrayCoerce parameter to the find_coercion_pathway calls. It almost doesn't matter what gets passed in: find_coercion_pathway should never set that to true in our calls to it in the enum code, as we're passing ANYENUMOID through to the recursed call and that'll never hit the array coercion branch.

In summary: looks good to me!



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