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> FAST PostgreSQL wrote:
> >> Am Dienstag, 3. April 2007 20:33 schrieb FAST PostgreSQL:
> >>> Attached is the completed patch for the COPY-able sql log outputs.
> >>
> >> Could you please remove random whitespace changes from this patch?
> >
> > Done and attached.
> A couple of comments.
> First one that's not at all about the code - but your emails appear to
> be dated several days into the future. This one, for example, is
> datestamped 2007-04-04. AFAIK timezones only go 13 (or is it 14?) hours
> :) You'll want to look into that. (otherwise, it'll look like you missed
> feature freeze..)

Sorry.. Fixed.

> Looking at the code, I was first going to ask what happens when you
> enable both redirect_stderr and this one - would the data be put in
> random order in the same file. But looking at the code, it seems you're
> appending ".sql" to the filename for this log. Two comments about that:
> 1) This is not mentioned anywhere in the docs or comments. It needs to be.

Agreed. As I mentioned in the previous mail, preferably alongwith the 
recommended table structure to COPY the logs into. But where? Is adding a new 
paragraph under the log_destination section of 'Where to Log' chapter ok ?

> 2) Not sure if .sql is such a great appendix to use, given that it's not
> actual SQL. (I will also echo the other comment that was posted about
> the whole name being sqllog, when it's not SQL. I think a better name is
> needed since the data is csv. Goes for all parameters and function names)

'csvlog' is another option. I can change that. Anyone have other preferences ?

> Isn't the data included in the loglines in need of quoting/escaping?
> What if there are weird charactersin the database name, for example? You
> seem to only be escaping the error message itself. I think all
> user-controlled data needs to be.
> Then, it may be just me, but I find code like this:
> !             sqllogFile = fopen(strcat(filename, ".sql"), "a");
> very hard to read. Took me a while to realize that's how it dealt with
> the different filenames. I think it's better to do the filename catting
> as a separate step.

I will fix that too.

Arul Shaji

> //Magnus

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