Tom Lane wrote:
> Gregory Stark <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> "Magnus Hagander" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>>>> Plaintext patch, plus two plaintext .c files.
>>> Then I have no clue. 
>> Actually I've had more success with .tar.gz than plain text attachments.
> I think the filter is not on the name or actual contents of the file,
> but what MIME content-type it's labeled with.  (Which is actually pretty
> sensible, because the point is to reject anything that Microsloth mail
> readers might try to auto-execute.)

It certainly would be, if the list of blocked MIME-types had anything to
do with reality. But really - windows doesn't even know what .tar.gz
*is*. Can't even open it. Much less execute it.

Having it block things like .exe, .bat etc makes a lot of sense.

(And to be fair, it might've been fixed by now, but I've never seen any
confirmation on whether it has been, even though I've asked several
times, so I expect it's not).

> Plain ol' application/octet-stream always gets through for me.

Yeah, but that kinda assumes your MUA can change it. Microsoft ones
certainly don't let you do that, and many others (Thunderbird, for
example) don't either.


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