Simon Riggs wrote:
Here's the next version (v10) of the patch, ready for review.

I've struggled with what to call all of the new concepts inherent in
this patch, but I think I've got something now. COMMIT NOWAIT doesn't
describe this feature, since there is no command of that name in the
implementation that we've agreed. So what's it called?

Hmm. Deferred commit? Asynchronous commit?

v10 fixes a number of lurking bugs present in v9. There are no
outstanding bugs, after a range of tests, though more are needed.

We don't need any more bugs, thank you ;-).

wal_writer_delay = 0 (default) ms enables this feature at server start.
Once enabled, individual sessions or transactions may request
transaction_guarantee = off, or it may be set for the whole server.

This error message talks about commit_fsync_delay:
ERROR:  cannot set transaction guarantee when server commit_fsync_delay = 0

Should be wal_writer_delay, I suppose.

The HeapTupleSetVisibilityInfo function with it's action-argument looks funny to me.

You don't need to check if a transaction has been flushed when setting the HEAP_XMAX/XMIN_INVALID flags for aborted transactions.

  Heikki Linnakangas

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