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So, choosing between two inefficient approaches:
 1. mine, which in some cases use dummy element wrapping, that we could
 2. proposed by you, which leads to +1 parsing.
... I'd definitely choose the first one.

I'd make it a bit more clear.

We have different cases for XML value as input of xpath():
a. document with prolog ('<?xml...')
b. document w/o prolog (value that can be represented as a tree -- i.e. we
have one root)
c. fragment with one root element (can be represented as a tree)
d. fragment w/o root element (cannot be represented as a tree, e.g.

So, the current implementation works w/o wrapping in case a) and use
wrapping for cases b)-d).
But we _need_ wrapping _only_ in case d) -- so there is space for
optimization (I would keep bit "this value is not a tree" in the value

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