Tatsuo, would you please comment on this patch too?


Greg Smith wrote:
> This patch changes the way pgbench outputs its latency log files so that 
> every transaction gets a timestamp and notes which transaction type was 
> executed.  It's a one-line change that just dumps some additional 
> information that was already sitting in that area of code. I also made a 
> couple of documentation corrections and clarifications on some of the more 
> confusing features of pgbench.
> It's straightforward to parse log files in this format to analyze what 
> happened during the test at a higher level than was possible with the 
> original format.  You can find some rough sample code to convert this 
> latency format into CVS files and then into graphs at 
> http://www.westnet.com/~gsmith/content/postgresql/pgbench.htm which I'll 
> be expanding on once I get all my little patches sent in here.
> If you recall the earlier version of this patch I submitted, it added a 
> cleanup feature that did a vacuum and checkpoint after the test was 
> finished and reported two TPS results.  The idea was to quantify how much 
> of a hit the eventual table maintenance required to clean up after the 
> test would take.  While those things do influence results and cause some 
> of the run-to-run variation in TPS (checkpoints are particularly visible 
> in the graphs), after further testing I concluded running a VACUUM VERBOSE 
> and CHECKPOINT in a script afterwards and analyzing the results was more 
> useful than integrating something into pgbench itself.
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