On Tue, 2007-04-03 at 19:45 +0900, Koichi Suzuki wrote:
> Bruce Momjian wrote:
> > Your patch has been added to the PostgreSQL unapplied patches list at:
> > 
> >     http://momjian.postgresql.org/cgi-bin/pgpatches
> Thank you very much for including.   Attached is an update of the patch 
> according to Simon Riggs's comment about GUC name.

The patch comes with its own "install kit", which is great to review
(many thanks), but hard to determine where you think code should go when

My guess based on your patch
- the patch gets applied to core :-)
- pg_compresslog *and* pg_decompresslog go to a contrib directory called

Can you please produce a combined patch that does all of the above, plus
edits the contrib Makefile to add all of those, as well as editing the
README so it doesn't mention the patch, just the contrib executables?

The patch looks correct to me now. I haven't tested it yet, but will be
doing so in the last week of April, which is when I'll be doing docs for
this and other stuff, since time is pressing now.

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