Tom Lane wrote:
Zdenek Kotala <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
Andrew Dunstan wrote:

Indeed, but that would be far more effectively addressed by fixing the
*other* code path that doesn't segment at all (the
LET_OS_MANAGE_FILESIZE option, which is most likely broken these days
for lack of testing).  I don't see the point of a halfway measure like
increasing RELSEG_SIZE.

LET_OS_MANAGE_FILESIZE is good way. I think one problem of this option I fixed. It is size of offset. I went thru the code and did not see any other problem there. However, how you mentioned it need more testing. I going to take server with large disk array and I will test it.

I would like to add --enable-largefile switch to configure file to enable access to wide group of users. What you think about it?


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