"Pavel Stehule" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> How does a user protect a custom variable using your code?  I don't see
>> any API that would allow that.

> Every module is responsibile for protectiong own custom variables. Only 
> module knows if some variable needs protection. And after module 
> inicialisation module can call ArmorCustomVariable function. From this 
> moment only superuser can modify this custom variable. If it call 
> ResetPGVariable() function before then default value is protected.

Well, that's the other problem with this approach: the variable is
protected only against changes occurring *after* ArmorCustomVariable
is called.  Throwing away the existing value using ResetPGVariable is
surely undesirable if the existing value was in fact set by a superuser.
What's worse, I think it is a security hole, because ResetPGVariable's
effects can be rolled back by aborting the transaction in which the
module load occurs.

In any case we've now got a three-step rather than one-step method
for setting up a custom variable, with various interesting failure
modes if you do the steps in the wrong order.  This is not a clean

                        regards, tom lane

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