The attached patch clears up the usage of strxfrm() on Windows. If the
server encoding is UTF-8 and the locale is not C, we should use wcsxfrm()
instead of strxfrm() because UTF-8 locale are not supported on Windows.
We've already have a special version of strcoll() for Windows, but the
usage of strxfrm() was still broken.

When we are caught up in the bug, we see the next error message.
| ERROR:  invalid memory alloc request size 2147483648
If the server is wrong configured between the server encoding and the
locale, strxfrm() could be failed and return values like INT_MAX or
(size_t)-1. We've passed the result+1 straight to palloc(), so the server
tried to allocale more than 1GB of memory and gave up.

Ahh..., Certainly, the bug lurked there. probably, your patch will help it.
It was not pursued in Japan for the reasons that the locale had been recommended to be used by C up to now. however, It seems to have caused the user's confusion. In that sense, I vote.+1

But, I am skeptic the locale setting still functions correctly.

However, I think it is great work.:-)


Hiroshi Saito

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