Andrew Dunstan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> Regarding catalog objects, we might have to try a little harder than 
> just not generating in bootstrap mode - IIRC we generate system views 
> (including pg_stats) in non-bootstrap mode. Maybe we just need to exempt 
> anything in the pg_catalog namespace. What would happen if a user 
> created a view over pg_statistic?


regression=# create view vvv as select * from pg_statistic;
ERROR:  column "stavalues1" has pseudo-type anyarray

which means we do have an issue for the pg_stats view.  Now that I look
instead of guessing, the existing test in CheckAttributeType is not on
bootstrap mode but standalone mode:

        /* Special hack for pg_statistic: allow ANYARRAY during initdb */
        if (atttypid != ANYARRAYOID || IsUnderPostmaster)
                     errmsg("column \"%s\" has pseudo-type %s",
                            attname, format_type_be(atttypid))));

so for consistency we should use the same condition to suppress types
for system catalogs.

> Or maybe we should go to the heart 
> of the problem and simply check for pseudo-types directly.

Actually we may have an issue already:

regression=# create table zzz (f1 pg_statistic);

I couldn't make it misbehave in a short amount of trying:

regression=# insert into zzz 
ERROR:  ROW() column has type integer[] instead of type anyarray

but I don't feel comfortable about this at all.  Maybe
CheckAttributeType should be made to recurse into composite columns.

                        regards, tom lane

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