I've been looking at this, and my feeling is that we should drop the
PROARGMODE_TABLE business and just define RETURNS TABLE(x int, y int)
as exactly equivalent to RETURNS SETOF RECORD with x and y treated as
OUT parameters.  There isn't any advantage to distinguishing the cases
that outweighs breaking client code that looks at pg_proc.proargmodes.
I don't believe that the SQL spec prevents us from exposing those
parameter names to PL functions, especially since none of our PLs are
in the standard at all.

Reason for PROARGMODE_TABLE was protection before name's collision, and x, and y are table attributies (not variables) and then we are protected before collision. It's shortcut for

create function foo() returns setof record as ...
select * from foo() as (x int, y int);

Pavel Stehule

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