Zoltan Boszormenyi wrote:

You can almost always get rid of shift/reduce conflicts by unwinding some of the productions - resist the temptation to factor the grammar. The effect of this is to eliminate places where the parser has to decide between shifting and reducing. (This is why, for example, almost all the "drop foo if exists" variants require separate productions rather than using opt_if_exists.)

Thanks. This idea solved one of the two shift/reduce conflicts.
But the other one can only be solved if I put GENERATED
into the reserved_keyword set. But the standard spec says
it's unreserved. Now what should I do with it?

What should I do? Send it. :-)
Someone more familiar with bison can hopefully fix it...
Please, review.

Yeah, I had a brief look. It's a bit ugly - the remaining conflict is in the b_expr rules. We do have the filtered_base_yylex() gadget - not sure if that can disambiguate for us.



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