I don't insist the name and the default of the GUC parameter. I'm afraid wal_fullpage_optimization = on (default) makes some confusion because the default behavior becomes a bit different on WAL itself.

I'd like to have some more opinion on this.

Zeugswetter Andreas ADI SD wrote:
With DBT-2 benchmark, I've already compared the amount of WAL. The result was as follows:

Amount of WAL after 60min. run of DBT-2 benchmark wal_add_optimization_info = off (default) 3.13GB

how about wal_fullpage_optimization = on (default)
wal_add_optimization_info = on (new case) 3.17GB -> can be optimized to 0.31GB by pg_compresslog.

So the difference will be around a couple of percents.   I think this
very good figure.

For information,
DB Size: 12.35GB (120WH)
Checkpoint timeout: 60min.  Checkpoint occured only once in the run.

Unfortunately I think DBT-2 is not a good benchmark to test the disabled
wal optimization.
The test should contain some larger rows (maybe some updates on large
toasted values), and maybe more frequent checkpoints. Actually the poor
ratio between full pages and normal WAL content in this benchmark is
strange to begin with.
Tom fixed a bug recently, and it would be nice to see the new ratio.
Have you read Tom's comment on not really having to be able to
reconstruct all record types from the full page image ? I think that
sounded very promising (e.g. start out with only heap insert/update).
- we would not need the wal optimization switch (the full page flag
would always be added depending only on backup)
- pg_compresslog would only remove such "full page" images where it
knows how to reconstruct a "normal" WAL record from
- with time and effort pg_compresslog would be able to compress [nearly]
all record types's full images (no change in backend)

I don't think replacing LSN works fine. For full recovery to the current time, we need both archive log and WAL. Replacing LSN will make archive log LSN inconsistent with WAL's LSN and the recovery will not work.

WAL recovery would have had to be modified (decouple LSN from WAL
position during recovery).
An "archive log" would have been a valid WAL (with appropriate LSN
advance records).
Reconstruction to regular WAL is proposed as pg_decompresslog. We should be careful enough not to make redo routines confused with the dummy full page writes, as Simon suggested. So far, it works fine.

Yes, Tom didn't like "LSN replacing" eighter. I withdraw my concern
regarding pg_decompresslog.

Your work in this area is extremely valuable and I hope my comments are
not discouraging.

Thank you

Koichi Suzuki

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