Gregory Stark wrote:
"Hiroki Kataoka" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

I think there is no problem.  Bloating will make pages including the
unnecessary area which will not be accessed.  Soon, those pages will be
registered into DSM.

Except the whole point of the DSM is to let us vacuum those pages *before*
that happens...

You are right. However, expecting perfection will often lose performance. Delaying processing to some extent leads to performance.

Even if hot page is not vacuumed, it does not mean generating dead tuples boundlessly. About one hot page, the quantity of dead tuple which continues existing unnecessarily is at most 1 page or its extent. Also that page is soon registered into DSM by checkpoint like fail-safe.

Isn't some compromise need as first version of DSM vacuum?

Hiroki Kataoka <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

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