"Ed L." <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> [ enlarge MAX_REPORTED_DEPS to 2000 ]

I was about to apply this, but stopped to reflect that it is probably
not such a hot idea.  My concern is that enormously long error message
detail fields are likely to break client software, particularly GUI
clients.  A poor (e.g., truncated) display isn't unlikely, and a crash
not entirely out of the question.  Moreover, who's to say that 2000 is
enough lines to cover all cases?  And if it's not, aren't you faced with
an even bigger problem?

Perhaps a better solution is to keep MAX_REPORTED_DEPS where it is, and
arrange that when it's exceeded, the *entire* list of dependencies gets
reported to the postmaster log; we can expect that that will work.
We still send the same just-the-count message to the client.  We could
add a hint suggesting to look in the postmaster log for the details.
This would require some refactoring of checkSharedDependencies's API,
I suppose, but doesn't seem especially difficult.

                        regards, tom lane

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