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Hi All,

Please see the set of HOT patches, broken down as suggested by
the community members for easy review. There are 5 patches, they
should apply cleanly on current CVS HEAD, but have dependencies.
So one must apply patch1 before applying patch2 and so on. At
each stage, code compiles and passes regression tests, though
things like CREATE INDEX and VACUUM may be broken until the
corresponding patches are applied. [skip]

I tried your patchset on current CVS (some minutes old) and
got this single regression below.

*** ./expected/create_index.out Mon Apr  9 11:35:52 2007
--- ./results/create_index.out  Mon May  7 17:08:45 2007
*** 415,420 ****
--- 415,421 ----
  f2     | text |
     "concur_index2" UNIQUE, btree (f1)
+     "concur_index3" UNIQUE, btree (f2) INVALID
     "concur_index1" btree (f2, f1)
     "concur_index4" btree (f2) WHERE f1 = 'a'::text
     "concur_index5" btree (f2) WHERE f1 = 'x'::text


I had the same with your v7.0 as well.
It seems the failed indexes aren't cleaned up properly,
this is in both expected/create_index.out and results/create_index.out:

CREATE UNIQUE INDEX CONCURRENTLY concur_index3 ON concur_heap(f2);
ERROR:  could not create unique index
DETAIL:  Table contains duplicated values.

Do you build and run the regression tests on single-core single-CPU
machine or on SMP? I got the above on an Athlon64 X2.

Best regards,
Zoltán Böszörményi

Zoltán Böszörményi
Cybertec Geschwinde & Schönig GmbH

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