On Wed, May 09, 2007 at 01:12:17PM -0700, William Lawrance wrote:
> 2. The performance was improved by about 1 hour in the 3 hour 
>    elapsed time of the application. This is important to the 
>    customer in terms of accomplishing his work load in the
>    time that has been allotted, based on his experience with DB2.
>    Without this improvement, he is likely to consider it too slow.

But this only holds for one customer. I don't think this will hold for
every single application. At least I do not see a reason why this
should hold everytime.

> I would like to emphasize that we aren't measuring an artificial
> test program; this is a real customer's application. We loaded
> 7 million rows into 217 tables to run the application. I believe 
> it is representative of many real batch applications.

But how about non-batch applications?

> Is there reason not to prepare each statement?  

I'm completely against forcing such a design decision on the programmer.
Hopefully I will be able to add a real prepare statement soon.

> Could it be predicated upon a user supplied option ?  

Yes, this is fine with me. If you could rearrange the patch I will test
and commit it.

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