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I haven't included the customary diffs.  This points me to some of the
many deficiencies of CVS, namely that I would need write access in
order to have it create a diff,
Strange, it works fine for everyone else.

If you have rsh/ssh access to a CVS repository then you do in fact need write
access just to generate diffs. It is one of the annoyances of CVS but it
doesn't really matter for Postgres where we use pserver anonymous access.

You need write-access to add files, even on anonymouse server. We often get patches with new files as separate attachments because of that.

Personally I find CVS so terribly slow for large trees like Postgres that it's
essential to use rsync to maintain a local CVS repository. That makes 'cvs
diff' remarkably fast.

Yeah, I've done that for a long time. It's by far the best way to work with CVS, "cvs add" works, and you can do diffs, checkouts etc. offline.

  Heikki Linnakangas

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