Alvaro Herrera wrote:
David Fetter wrote:
On Mon, May 14, 2007 at 03:31:40PM +1200, Mark Kirkwood wrote:
David Fetter wrote:
cvs diff works just great until you want to add or remove a file
without write permissions to the CVS repository, i.e. when you've
checked out as anonymous.

I usually saved an untouched version of the tree to compare against,
so something like:

$ cvs diff -Nacr pgsql.orig pgsql

gives a complete patch including added/deleted files. It is a bit
primitive, but is pretty easy to do!

Except that it also includes diffs for generated files, which tend to be
huge.  To work around that you need to create a list of files to
exclude, and the whole thing (which was cumbersome already) starts to
get unmanageable.

I do use the cvsup mirror myself which makes things so much easier and

Not so, you just do a

$ make maintainer-clean

before the diff, which clears all those out.

While maintaining a cvs mirror is also good, for a small piece of work (or a work on a well defined area of the code) this requires no fooling around with repositories at all (which is nice).



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