Pavel Stehule wrote:
> >I would argue that we should likewise not allow them in plpgsql's MOVE,
> >although this is more of a judgment call than is the case for FETCH.
> >I just don't think it's a good idea to provide two redundant ways to do
> >the same thing, when we might want to make one of the ways mean
> >something else later.  There's no upside and there might be a downside.
> >
> It's question. There are lot of links to FETCH in doc, and we support from 
> FETCH direction only subset. It needs at least notice in documentation. When 
> I testeid MOVE I found an form
> MOVE FORWARD 10 ... more natural than MOVE RELATIVE 10 and if we support 
> MOVE FORWARD ... then is logic support MOVE FORWARD n ,
> else FORWARD, BACKWARD are nonstandard and MOVE statement too.

Do we have a patch to make this consistent?

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