Bruce Momjian wrote:
> Due to unfinished VACUUM:
> This has been saved for the 8.4 release:

While we're at this, let's consider Heikki's patch for the streaming
indexscan API stuff.  That patch was supposed to come from the bitmap
index patch, but it was also supposed to help the Grouped Index Tuples
(GIT) patch.

In fact, as far as I understood the discussion, GIT would be helped by
the streaming indexscan API patch, because it would help de-uglify
certain parts of that patch.  It is my impression that we would not want
to commit the ugly GIT patch; so it would mean that either we commit the
streaming indexscan patch first, and a beautiful GIT patch shortly later,
or we don't commit any of them.

So, the question is: do we want the GIT patch in 8.3?  If we do, then we
need the streaming indexscan API patch.  And thus we would need an
updated (beautiful) GIT patch.

Is there a resolution on this?  Alexey Kluykin and I would be interested
in helping review this set of patches, if it is decided that they are
wanted for 8.3.

I want to point out that the GIT patch is one of the things sitting in
the reviewing queue from very early.

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