No. It works with scrollable cursors. It will work for cursors/selects which does not put the results in some store, such as WITH hold/group by/order by etc.... But most of these restrictions apply for normal 'Select for update' anyway. (With the order by clause, the implementation is as per the sql standards.)

I can update the documentation once the initial review is done and what I have done gets atleast a pass mark :-)

Arul Shaji

Pavel Stehule wrote:

I am not sure, but your solution will faill on scrollable cursors
(it's similar to holdable cursors). I miss part about limits in
documentation. Propably updatable cursors aren't supported by plpgsql
(and it's point to ToDo).

Pavel Stehule

2007/5/17, FAST PostgreSQL <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
Attached is an updated version of the updateable cursors patch against
the latest cvs head.

Most of the changes in the patch are to make it sync with the changes in
CVS recently, for DECLARE CURSOR and EXPLAIN, as mentioned by Jaime in
his mail below.

Arul Shaji

FAST PostgreSQL wrote:
> Right. I will send an updated patch against the CVS head in the next
> couple of days.
> Jaime Casanova wrote:
>> On 4/4/07, FAST PostgreSQL <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>>> Attached is a working updateable cursors patch. The core
>>> functionality has
>>> been implemented and the patch also contains the regression tests and
>>> documentation.
>> this one doesn't apply cleanly to HEAD because of the changes in
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