Andrew Dunstan schrieb:
Hannes Eder wrote:
- open($D, "dir /b $subdirs $spec |") || croak "Could not list $spec\n"; + open($D, "cmd /c dir /b $subdirs $spec |") || croak "Could not list $spec\n";

What the heck are we doing here anyway? We should be doing this a la Perl - calling out to "dir /b" is surely not the best way to do this. If we need to recurse we should use File::Find.
I think since the code in src/tools/msvc is specific to MSVC and therefor, at least currently, specific to Windows. Calling out to "dir /b /s" or "cmd /c dir /b /s" works on WinNT and higher. On Win9x/ME should be called instead of cmd.exe. In order to be more portable maybe we should use the environment variable COMSPEC, which should always point to an appropriate command processor.

Is it worth doing this the "Perl-way" and using File::Find? If so, I can work an a patch for that.


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