The attached patch extends Peter's proposed patch to upgrade most implicit
casts-to-text to be assignment casts:
with the other stuff discussed subsequently in that thread, namely
creating a generalized facility to support casts to and from text (and
varchar and bpchar) via the basic I/O functions of other types.

This adds one expression node type ("CoerceViaIO") but allows elimination
of a veritable boatload of duplicative per-datatype text conversion
functions, plus it works for types that never had such functions.

I have not touched the documentation yet.  Also I just noticed that
contrib/cube and contrib/isn create text casts that could be dispensed
with.  I think the patch is complete otherwise.

Another point that needs to be dealt with is the infelicity discussed
We had pretty much agreed that we could handle that by restricting the
conditions under which we'd consider coercing an UNKNOWN literal to
ANYARRAY, but it wasn't quite clear *what* restriction to use.


                        regards, tom lane

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