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Greg Smith wrote:
> The idea of using pg_rusage_init is a new one though; I hadn't thought the 
> CPU usage info was interesting enough to figure out how to collect it. 
> The way the patch mentioned above works it would be hard to squeeze it in 
> the line usefully for formatting reasons.

"trace_sort" option uses the pg_rusage_init(), so my "trace_checkpoint"
also uses it.

> I don't know what's wrong, but the I/O here is pretty simple:  the 
> checkpoint wrote some amount of data that you can compute the size of 
> easily within the code knowing the block size.  That's already done in the 
> patch under review.


> If you're interested in this area, you should check out the 
> pg_stat_bgwriter feature already in the 8.3 CVS, look through the 
> pgsql-hackers archives for the discussion this week on the topic 
> "Controlling Load Distributed Checkpoints", and check out the "Automatic 
> adjustment of bgwriter_lru_maxpages" patch whose latest version is at 

Thanks for the information. I missed that thread.

But I'm not so much interested in huge modification on the checkpoint now.
I need just some information on checkpointing to tune my config by my hand.
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