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> Applied with some further revisions to improve the usefulness of the log
> messages.  There's now one issued when the deadlock timeout elapses, and
> another when the lock is finally obtained:
> LOG:  process 14945 still waiting for AccessExclusiveLock on relation 86076 
> of database 86042 after 1003.354 ms
> ...
> LOG:  process 14945 acquired AccessExclusiveLock on relation 86076 of 
> database 86042 after 5918.002 ms

Is it possible for unlocking the semaphore to wake another process other than
our own? In which case checking log_lock_waits before signalling the semaphore
arguably locks us into having log_lock_waits be PGC_POSTMASTER. Currently it's
PGC_SIGHUP which is odd since it could have been USERSET in the old regime.

Also, I did just think of a reason why maybe having the times in the messages
could be annoying: it makes it hard to write regression tests. I suppose
having the pids already interferes with regression tests though. Maybe we
should do something like optionally postprocess .out files with some sed
script like s/[0-9]+/###/ before running diff.

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