> Here is a patch that cancels autovacuum workers conflicting with
> DROP TABLE, TRUNCATE and CLUSTER. It was discussed here:

I made an adjustment for the latest 'more autovacuum fixes' patch.

Now, autovacuum workers handles ProcDie signals using ERROR
instead of FATAL. The exception is caught by the worker and
converted to the following logs.

  SIGINT -- Cancel the current job.
      LOG: autovacuum on <db>.<schema>.<table> is canceled
  SIGTERM -- Cancel all jobs.
      LOG: autovacuum on <db> is canceled

We are planning to ship 8.3 with autovacuum=on, so users will be
more likely to see conflicts between autovacuum and their commands.
This makes autovacuum more gentle.

ITAGAKI Takahiro
NTT Open Source Software Center

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