On Thu, 2007-06-28 at 00:43 +0200, Jacob Rief wrote:
> But the C++-compiler rejects to compile legal C code,
> because some of the included Postgres-headers, ie. postgres.h,
> executor/spi.h, commands/trigger.h, fmgr.h use a few C++ keywords to
> defined a some struct members and function arguments. The incriminating
> C++-keywords used in the Postgres-headers are: 'typeid', 'typename' and
> 'using'.
> It would do no harm to the Postgres-sources if these keywords would be
> replaced with a similar identifier.

No objection, although it would be nice if we could find something nicer
to rename "using" to than "using_". What about "using_clause" or

You also changed "namespace" => "name_space" in builtins.h; is that

> I wrote a patch which applies cleanly onto version 8.2.4

Patches should be submitted against the CVS HEAD code: we wouldn't want
to apply a patch like this to the REL8_2_STABLE branch, in any case.

BTW, I notice the patch also adds 'extern "C" { ... }' statements to a
few random header files. Can't client programs do this before including
the headers, if necessary?


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