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>>  In particular Postgres's "trust" authentication is one such system. It
>>  authenticates connecting users based on the unix userid of the process
>>  forming the connection. In typical configurations any user who is granted
>>  execute access to dblink can form connections as the "postgres" user which
>>  is the database super-user. If "trust" authentication is disabled this is
>>  no longer an issue.
> Did you mean s/trust/ident/g, otherwise I don't think I understand the 
> above...   granted the combination of trust for localhost does open a door 
> for remote users if they have access to dblink, but I don't think that's what 
> you were trying to say.     

Er quite right. Moreover it's not even true that ``"if "ident" authentication
is disabled this is no longer an issue''. It's still possible to have other
restrictions in pg_hba which dblink would allow you to circumvent. That
sentence is too generous of a promise.

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