Now that all the other checkpoint-related patches seem to have settled down, I've been busy working my way through refreshing and fixing merge issues in what started as Itagaki Takahiro's auto bgwriter_lru_maxpages patch. I split that into two patches before, and am now finished what I can do revising and testing the first of those.

The attached patch adds counters for the number of buffers allocated and the number written out by backends, and exposes all of that via pg_stat_bgwriter. Here's a sample from after a period of benchmarking; the buffers_backend and buffers_alloc are the two new things here:

checkpoints_timed | checkpoints_req | buffers_checkpoint | buffers_clean -------------------+-----------------+--------------------+--------------
                15 |             274 |            7616495 |       6737430

buffers_backend | buffers_alloc | maxwritten_clean
       35398659 |      24389383 |            91631

To show how helpful this is, what I've been doing with all this is taking snapshots of the structure at the beginning and end of an individual benchmark test, then producing the delta to see the balance of who wrote once during the test. Here's an example of a test with 200,000 of the UPDATE statement from the pgbench test. The first run had no background writer, while the second had a moderately active one, and you can see that the counting all works as expected--and that you can learn quite a bit about how effective the background writer cleaner was from these numbers (obviously I had checkpoint_segments set high so there weren't any during the test):

clients | tps  | chkpts | buf_check | buf_clean | buf_backend | buf_alloc
      1 | 1487 |      0 |         0 |         0 |       70934 |     85859
      1 | 1414 |      0 |         0 |     39005 |       38542 |    100963

This patch was last submitted here:

At that time, Itagaki and Heikki seemed to approve the basic direction I'd gone and how I'd split the original code into monitoring and functional pieces. The differences between that version of the patch and the attached one are I fixed the race-condition bug and terminology issue Heikki noticed, along with the merge to current HEAD.

Rather than wait until I'd finished testing the next layer on top of this (retuning the automatic was-LRU-now-cleaner code with Tom's latest insight on that topic) I figured I might as well send this part now. So far this has been independant of the code that builds on it, and I'm done with this section. I think it will take a serious look by someone who might commit it to make any more progress and I want to keep those queues moving.

As for issues in this code I am concerned about having reviewed, most of them come from my not having completely internalized the engine's forking model yet:

1) I'm not sure the way the way am_bg_writer was changed here is kosher.

2) The way the buffers are counted in the freelist code and sent back to the background writer feels like a bit of a hack to me.

3) The recent strategy changes in freelist.c left me unsure how to count some of what it does; I marked the section I'm concerned about with an XXX comment.

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