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> Gregory Stark <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> "Magnus Hagander" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>>> Stefan mentioned that the warning may be one that shows up in a different
>>> compiler somewhere as well, thouh, which might indicate that we should fix
>>> the underlying issue? (Even if the code is correct, if it confuses multiple
>>> compilers...)
>> I think the right fix is just to remove the const qualifier. It's clearly not
>> treating the pointer as const if it's passing it to pfree which is surely a
>> state change if anything is.
> That was what you claimed in the previous discussion, but you were wrong
> then and you're still wrong.  The pointer is "const char **" which means
> it is a pointer to some pointers that are not themselves constant. 

Oh, wow. You're right on both counts. I didn't find my own comment on the old
thread before responding. And I didn't notice it was a const char **. That is
a crazy bug.

Can we just disable const checking for MSVCC in general without using the
#pragmas? It clearly doesn't understand how const works making that warning
from it useless.

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