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On Wed, Jul 25, 2007 at 02:36:41PM +0900, Hiroshi Saito wrote:
Hi Magnus, and Dave.

Sorry, I'm a somewhat late reaction... This is the present correspondence.
However, VC6 does not support SSAPI. Therefore, the next release makes
VC6 the outside of an object.

I think VC6 should support it Ok. You probably just need to upgrade your
Platform SDK to a version that's for Windows 2000 or newer. I think VC6
shipws with the NT4 SDK by default. It looks like it' just missing

Ahh yes. However, MS says.!
The last SDK that will work with VC 6.0 is the February 2003 Edition.
this SDK is newer and does not support VC6.:-(

I have applied your patch, since it's used in either case. Thanks!

If there is no objection. Let's close support of VC6.
What do you think?

While I don't disagree in principle, if you can test it with a new Platfrom
SDK and see if that works there's no reason to close it (yet).

It seems that it is difficult to get public although I have it. Then, I feel that support is difficult.... I missed something?

Hiroshi Saito

Hiroshi Saito

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