Andrew Dunstan wrote:
> Andrew Dunstan wrote:
>> The attached patch makes a very small but useful change to the
>> behaviour of log_line_prefix, by enabling the start time (%s) and
>> cookie (%c) logging to occur for all backends rather than just for
>> session processes (i.e. backends started for a client connection). We
>> actually need almost all of this patch, with or without the change in
>> behaviour, so we can put the cookie in CSVlogs (which I'm still
>> working on), since the cookie+line number make the natural primary key
>> for the logs. The actual change in behaviour from this patch comes
>> from the removal of 2 "if (MyProcPort)" lines in elog.c. Given that,
>> can I sneak this in or should I wait for 8.4 given we're long past
>> feature freeze?
>> Most of this has been factored out (and cleaned up) from my previous
>> CSVlog patch, so it's not new. I did that so that what is left when I
>> finish will have a rather smaller footprint, as this part seemed
>> fairly seperable.
> I haven't seen a response to this. If there's no objection I intend to
> apply this.

My only objection would be that we're in feature-freeze. We really
should be doing other things ;-) But I'm not going to be the one to put
a full stop to it if the patch already exists and is trivial. You can
probably sneak it in as part of the cvslog stuff...


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