Decibel! <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> > The sizeof(PageFreeSpaceInfo) is 16 bytes
> So... does that mean that the comment in the config file about 6 bytes
> per page is incorrect?

There are no comments the usage of maintenance_work_mem in the config file
nor the documentation. Memory consumed by max_fsm_pages is only mentioned.

#maintenance_work_mem = 16MB # min 1MB
#max_fsm_pages = 204800      # min max_fsm_relations*16, 6 bytes each

But surely the difference of memory usage between maintenance_work_mem
and max_fsm_pages might confuse users. I'll rewrite my patch to use
FSMPageData in both places so that users can always estimate the memory
to 6 bytes per page.

ITAGAKI Takahiro
NTT Open Source Software Center

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