Peter Eisentraut wrote:
Because there seems to be an increasing trend among packagers to drop the PostgreSQL-supplied time zone data and use the operating system's instead,

Because it seems government in many countries make a decision to make live harder. :(

I figured it would be good to define an official and documented way to do this. If we could get, say, the Linux, BSD, and Solaris packagers to adopt this,

Yes, e.g. Solaris use this solution for 8.2 packages. I sent little bit different patch few months ago. You can see discussion there:

Your solution correlate with conclusion of this thread.

this would eliminate the bulk of essentially redundant efforts to upgrade the PostgreSQL packages whenever the time zone data changes.

Yes, I agree.

Here is a proposed patch that you would use like this:

I'm not sure if configure is necessary to modify (is not generate from during commit process)? Also could be good to modify also pg_config to show where TZ files are stored.


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