Gavin M. Roy wrote:
> I wanted to push to see if I made a version of this patch against CVS
> head if we could see it included in 8.3.
> It's of clear value for people who use pg_dump and tablespaces.  HOT
> and tsearch development still continues and implementations of each
> feature are still being discussed/debated as of this morning.  It
> seems to me that 8.3 code base is not static and we're not at the bug
> cleanup phase of nearing release.
> This patch is minor and makes admin, backup and recovery much easier
> for people who use the tablespace feature and elect not to use
> pg_dumpall.  I think waiting for 8.4 at this point is a bit silly,
> given the scope of code and impact of the patch.

You already got an answer to this question, and you replied:

If you want it in 8.3 you are going to need some community members to
take ownership of the patch, take responsibility for it, testing it, etc,
and argue that a feature addition that arrived in July should be added.
Not impossible, but you are going to need advocates for this.

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