On 8/31/07, Pavan Deolasee <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> In fact, now that I think about it there is no other
> fundamental reason to not support HOT on system tables. So we
> can very well do what you are suggesting.

On second thought, I wonder if there is really much to gain by
supporting HOT on system tables and whether it would justify all
the complexity. Initially I thought about CatalogUpdateIndexes to
which we need to teach HOT. Later I also got worried about
building the HOT attribute lists for system tables and handling
all the corner cases for bootstrapping and catalog REINDEX.
It might turn out to be straight forward, but I am not able to
establish that with my limited knowledge in the area.

I would still vote for disabling HOT on catalogs unless you see
strong value in it.


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