Here after much tedious testing are some perl replacements for src/tools/msvc/build.bat and src/tools/msvc/vcregress.bat, as previouslty discussed on -hackers. They do not exhibit the error reporting problems I have had on XP, and they work nicely with a slightly modified buildfarm script. There is one failure - the ECPG checks fail to build. The error I get is shown below - not sure why on earth it can't find MSVCRT.lib.

There are also a few things to tidy up before I commit this, but I'm happy because it has proved much less fragile than the existing scripts in cooperating with the buildfarm. I am also turning my attention to fixing the use of "dir" in




Build started 9/7/2007 1:26:18 PM.
Project "c:\prog\bf\test\pgsql\src\tools\msvc\ecpg_regression.proj" (default targets):

Target all:
..\..\..\..\..\Release\ecpg\ecpg -I ../../include --regression -C INFORMIX -o charfuncs.c charfuncs.pgc cl /nologo charfuncs.c /TC /MD /DENABLE_THREAD_SAFETY /DWIN32 /DWIN32_ONLY_COMPILER /I. /I..\..\include /I..\..\..\libpq /I..\..\..\..\include /link /defaultlib:..\..\..\..\..\Release\libecpg\libecpg.lib /defaultlib:..\..\..\..\..\Release\libecpg_compat\libecpg_compat.lib /defaultlib:..\..\..\..\..\Release\libpgtypes\libpgtypes.lib
   LINK : fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file 'MSVCRT.lib'
c:\prog\bf\test\pgsql\src\tools\msvc\ecpg_regression.proj(39,3): error MSB3073: The command "cl /nologo charfuncs.c /TC /MD /DENABLE_THREAD_SAFETY /DWIN32 /DWIN32_ONLY_COMPILER /I. /I..\..\include /I..\..\..\libpq /I..\..\..\..\include /link /defaultlib:..\..\..\..\..\Release\libecpg\libecpg.lib /defaultlib:..\..\..\..\..\Release\libecpg_compat\libecpg_compat.lib /defaultlib:..\..\..\..\..\Release\libpgtypes\libpgtypes.lib" exited with code 2.
Done building target "all" in project "ecpg_regression.proj" -- FAILED.

Description: Perl program

Description: Perl program

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