Tom Lane wrote:
This patch implements Florian's idea about how to manage snapshot xmax
without the ugly and performance-losing tactic of taking XidGenLock and
ProcArrayLock at the same time.  I had to do a couple of slightly klugy
things to get bootstrap and prepared transactions to work, but on the
whole it seems at least as clean as the code we have now.  Comments?

I'm a bit late, but still a few comments

1) I wonder why you made XidCacheRemoveRunningXids take the latestXid as
an extra argument, though - it should be able to figure that out on
it's own I'd have thought. Is that just for consistency, or did I miss

2) I don't see how either the childXids array or the XID cache in the
   proc array could ever not be in ascending xid order. We do guarantee
   that a child xid is always greater than it's parent. This guarantee
   enables a few optimizations. First, as you say in the comments,
   finding the largest xid when committing becomes trivial. But more
   important, if we can assume that the proc array xid cache is always
   sorted, we can get ride of the exclusive lock during subxact abort.

   We will *always* remove the last n xids from the cache, so we just
   need to reset subxids.nxids, and not touch the actual array at all.
   (We might later set the now-unused entries to InvalidTransactionId,
   but thats only cosmetic).

Regarding 2) Removing subxids from the proc array cannnot effect xmin
   calculations, because the toplevel xid is always small than all it's
   children. So we only need to care about snapshots themselves.

   But they won't care much if they find an aborted sub xid in the
   proc array or now. If not, the xid is neither running nor committed,
   so it's assumes to have crashed. If it's in the snapshot, it's
   treated as in-progress.

So I believe the code could be simplified a bit if we just made it a rule
that both childXids and the cache in the proc array are always in ascending
xid order, and we could get rid of the  exclusive lock during subxact abort.

greetings, Florian Pflug

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