Tom Lane wrote:
What I think we'd need to have a complete solution is

convert(text, name) returns bytea
        -- convert from DB encoding to arbitrary encoding

convert(bytea, name, name) returns bytea
        -- convert between any two encodings

convert(bytea, name) returns text
        -- convert from arbitrary encoding to DB encoding

The second and third would need to do a verify step before
converting, of course.

Here's a patch that implements the above. It actually does the verify step for all three cases - if that bothers people I can remove it at the cost of a little code complexity.

It also fixes the "convert ... using ..." case in a similar way (makes it return a bytea).

On reflection I think we also need to provide length(bytea, name) as has been suggested, so we can check the length in the foreign encoding of a bytea we have converted this way. That shouldn't be too difficult to add.



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