Tom Lane wrote:
> Michael Meskes <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> Sorry, my bad. Seems I got this mixed up. Once we enabled testing for
>> ecpg we had some problems to be sorted out, but right now only the
>> DllMain thing seems to be a problem.
>> Since I do not know whether we really need DllMain could anyone please
>> test whether ecpg builds correctly without it?
> It looks to me like we should not need it, if we instead add code to
> initialize the mutexes properly on Windows (a la the way it's done
> in libpq).  I can prepare a patch, but I don't have the ability to
> test it on Windows --- will anyone be around who can, in an hour or so?

Should be doable. I can probably (but not certainly, so if someone else
is around that'd be nice) get close enough to remote a windows box to
test that a build passes, but remember that we can't really run the
regression tests on msvc right now :-(


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