I wrote:
> Michael Meskes <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>> Since I do not know whether we really need DllMain could anyone please
>> test whether ecpg builds correctly without it?

> It looks to me like we should not need it, if we instead add code to
> initialize the mutexes properly on Windows (a la the way it's done
> in libpq).

Hm, I take that back --- the other reason it's there is as a kluge to
avoid supporting pthread_once().  This code all looks pretty darn hokey,
not to mention that it ought to be merged with libpq's pthread-win32.c,
but fixing it seems not a one-hour proposition.

>> AFAIRC (and hopefully I'm right this time)
>> multithreading never worked under msvc so we might have to set
>> thread-safety to disabled on these systems for ecpg for the time being.

If it didn't work then this seems clearly new-feature-development.

I think Magnus' idea of providing an exports list would be worth trying,
if someone can try it promptly; failing that, we need to revert this

                        regards, tom lane

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