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Pavel Stehule wrote:
> Hello
> this patch add USING clause into plpgsql EXECUTE statements.
> Proposal:
> I found, so dynamics statements are little bit faster with parameters,
> because we don't need call lot of in out/in functions. Mainly it is
> barier to SQL injection.
> I have question, who will be commiter of plpgsql region? I am quite
> irritated from 8.3 process. Bruce's patch queue more or less black
> hole, and I have not any idea, if somebody checking my patches or not
> and if I have to be in readiness or not.
> Patch queue is longer and longer, and I need to know any responsible
> person who can be recipient of my reminder request. Really it's
> nothing nice, if your work is repeatedly deleted or inserted to
> current queue. Nobody can do any plans.
> Best regards
> Pavel Stehule

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