Albert Cervera i Areny wrote:
> I attach the patch for the contrib docs. Mainly it's been formatting the 
> README files of each directory into SGML.
> I've removed TODOs, history, licenses (all of them are BSD AFAICS), file 
> descriptions and install instructions (I only left one for them all).
> The hole contrib is one single chapter after Full Text Search. I think this 
> gives it a lot of visibility as it's where other functions are, and given 
> that most contrib modules provide functions seemed a good place. However, Tom 
> showed some concerns with that so a final position should be decided.  Each 
> section is the name of the contrib module. The first paragraph summarises 
> what it does. And usually the last subsection contains the author(s). The 
> rest is pretty different from one another and possibly some polishing will 
> have to be done afterwards.

Your patch was missing these SGML files:

 onsgmls:contrib.sgml:26:1:E: cannot find "btree-gist.sgml"; tried 
"btree-gist.sgml", "./btree-gist.sgml"
 onsgmls:contrib.sgml:28:1:E: cannot find "cube.sgml"; tried "cube.sgml", 
 onsgmls:contrib.sgml:53:1:E: cannot find "xml2.sgml"; tried "xml2.sgml", 

Are you still working on those?

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