I wrote:
> I've modified Pavel's version into something that seems to support this
> approach --- at least I can load the 8.2 tsearch regression test
> database into 8.3 after loading this.  Still needs some polishing
> probably, and some more testing.  Comments?

I've committed this, replacing the old contrib/tsearch2 code.

It successfully runs most of the old module's regression test, after
some minor adjustments for default configuration names and suchlike.
One large omission is that the rewrite(ARRAY[]) aggregate isn't there.
AFAIR, we removed that just because it seemed a poorly designed API,
not because it didn't work.  I'm thinking we should probably pull the
code for it out of the CVS history and stick it into contrib/tsearch2.
Any thoughts pro or con?

                        regards, tom lane

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